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Web Development Trends Your Way To Success

For each trend, we will make a case for why they work and the way you, too, will master them. You’ll additionally see forty five examples from corporations like intercommunication system, Sennheiser, Beoplay, Google and more in Web development company.

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Some Web design trends in 2016

  • Minimalist Design
  • Flat and Material Design Hybrid
  • Cards
  • Rich Animations

Minimalist Design

King of Content, and as net style measures, visual layouts all hail to the content king.

Stripping away distractions keeps concentrate on content, and once done artfully creates the favored visual aesthetic of artistic movement.


  • Legibility of increased
  • At a one glance to be understand the functionality of UI , location of elements and content.
  • Especially visuals, Emphasis on content.
  • Loading times reduced.
  • Sophisticated Atmosphere.

Flat and Material Design Hybrid

Material style is Google’s straightforward bedded style language. Flat style may be a straightforward different to developed of skeuomorphism to facilitate early all mobile devices.

Generally called Flat style 2.0, the hybrid vogue reflects the fashionable aesthetic of flat style and also the superimposed feel of fabric style and our web developers in Chennai is one the best solution to design website.


  • Aesthetic of modern visual .
  • Fast loading times  allow for flat visuals.
  • Effortless and feel quick for desktop browsing.


We have proverbial the potency of cards long before digital style ( To think on cards of business, cards to taking part, etc.), the concept is that each one the foremost relevant info a couple of single topic is organized into one instrumentality.


  • Responsive design well Perfect.
  • Sharing content to social media are  very easy.
  • Easy understanding without explanation.

Rich Animations

Animation ranges in scale, from a little, Byzantine spinners to a full-blown, spirited illustration within the foreground or background.


  • Creates a lot of spirited, participating expertise than simply static pictures.
  • Smoother visual feedback, creating learnability a lot of intuitive.
  • Specific parts of motion attracts attention

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