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4 Awesome Technologies to Speedup Your Sites

The Website Speeding is the most important one and for speeding up the website here is the top 4 and most important techniques are used. This will improve the loading time of the website to learn from best Web designing training institute in Chennai. This will improve the web site development process. That the methods are,

  • HTTP/2
  • SSL Certificate
  • CDN

These four are the most important one. This can definitely improve the speed of the website. Here we briefly know the full details of these 4 technologies.


HTTP/2 is the  second version of the World Wide Web protocol. This can improve the process of HTTP. Here using the method as multiplexing and the meaning of multiplexing is ability to cover multiple request in a single connection.

HTTP/1 can load the large image easily. But loading multiple small images is very difficult. Because in a single connection it can process only one request. These are all the capabilities contain by HTTP/1.

But in the HTTP/2 All the headers are compressed and become a single one. This reduces the single image space and able to upload multiple images. And also this can process the request at very minimum time.

SSL Certificate

When needs the processing data want to secure and in Encrypted format between the server and client. This method is known as SSL Certificate. SSL is abbreviated as Secure Socket Layer. That this get the certificate and do the automatic process all the data send between the server and the client are encrypted and all the messages are transferred securely.

All those process going step by step and this can be completed with fraction of seconds. So this SSL Certificate can improve the speed of the website and provide the Secure process.

BROTLI is the new algorithm and this was introduced by Google, this will do the compression process. This algorithm is called as Compression Algorithm to learn in web designing training in Chennai. This algorithm provide compression to the transported data and reduce their size. By using this will speed your website.

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